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Today, April 22nd, is Earth Day. Instead of our usually Wednesday fashion post we are using this opportunity to encourage you to do something to preserve the earth today. I’m sure you’ve read the Lorax; its been read to you or you’ve read it to your children. Dr. Seuss’ storybook The Lorax chronicles the plight of creation the Lorax, who speaks out for the trees against the greedy ‘Once-ler’ who is manufacturing thneeds – you know, that thing everyone needs… Sometimes, especially in this industry, it’s important to take a step back and remember we don’t always need the ‘thneeds’.

Stand For Trees is an organization that empowers everyday citizens, kids and parents, to take action to protect endangered forests – just like the Lorax did – and reduce the impacts of climate change. What if we all stood up for trees?

By purchasing a Stand For Trees Certificate, you help communities around the world keep a specific forest standing and prevent a TONNE of CO2 from entering the atomosphere.


We’ve chosen to support Chocó-Darién Forest Conservation Project in northwestern Colombia This project protects 13,465 hectares of rainforest by helping local communities protect their ancestral lands and pursue sustainable livelihoods. This is one of the most biologically diverse rainforests on the plant home to 42 endangered species including jaguars, macaws and spider moneys!StandForTrees-Kasigua_Certificate

We’ve also opted to support the Kasigau Corridor Project in Kenya. This project protects 500,000 acres of dryland forest and supports local communities of over 100,000 in job creation and sustainable development. This area is home to populations of African elephant, cheetah, lions, the critically endangered Grevy’s zebra, and more than 50 large mammal and 300 bird species. Without this project local communities would have little option to provide for their families other than slash and burn agriculture.

As stewards of this beautiful creation it is our responsibility to preserve it for the generations to come! If you feel inspired to Stand For Trees please visit standfortrees.org

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