Introducing Marilyn Tov for Spring

As we say adieu to winter and greet the sunny spring weather, Marilyn Tov takes us on a Parisian summer vacation. The designer pulls from childhood memories in Paris and through the pieces in the collections, we’re introduced to the graceful elegance and beauty of a Parisian lifestyle.

The delicate detailing of pieces – ruffled skirts and sleeves, pearly and soft pink tones, ivory and subtle blues – all bring us to a nostalgic summer moment under the Eiffel Tower. Marilyn Tov combines clean and classic silhouettes bringing out femininity and grace in each piece. The selection of mother-daughter styles makes for precious moments spent together.

Quality in textiles, design, and fabrication make any garment from Marilyn Tov suitable for any occasion – from a casual stroll in the street in a breezy hot summer day to a playful game in the flowery fields hand-in-hand with her mother.

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| writer Biliana Gortchova

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