Dreaming of Venice, by Natalie Warr

Sisters Isabella and Sophia Canepa love to dream and explore. After playing in their neighbourhood they cozy up to read an old book ‘ A Masquerade in Venice.’ The girls soon begin to dream of travelling to Venice and imagine attending a beautiful masquerade ball.

Join Isabella and Sophia’s stylish adventure told through photography by Natalie Warr, styling by Veronika Howard, hair & makeup by Stormi Yates.

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Pink Sweater by Marc Jacobs, Gold & Ivy dress by Peek, Maroon Dress by Ella Moss, Cardinal Dress by Un Deox Trois, Green Dress by Us-Angels, Blue shirt by E. Land, Gold headband by Urban Outfitters. Flower Crown custom made by Flowers by Azalea. Genuine Venetian masks.

Isabella and Sophia Canepa JE Model/ The Osbrink Agency 

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