Tuchinda New York

Tina Tuchinda believes that your little one is never too young to look or feel sophisticated and artistic.  Following her belief – and with a little motivation from her 6-month old son – Tina launched Tuchina New York, a line of childrenswear with a high level of artistry and style.


Made with European, Japanese, and occasionally organic fabrics, Tuchinda New York’s cultural prints and designs are all influenced by Tina’s past travel adventures. Inspired by her three top destinations – Milan, Paris and Japan – the line perfectly captures Italian sophistication,  Parisian chic and Japanese cool. Combining these three elements, Tuchinda New York creates a stunning collection of garments to help your mini-me find passion, creativity, and inspiration through their wardrobe.


One aspect of Tina’s business that is just as unique as her collection is the brand’s name itself. Although Tuchinda is her family’s last name, it is also Thai for “a closet of precious stones.” Seeing as Tina views her garments as pieces of art, the meaning is very fitting and supports the overall vision of her company.

With a background in public relations and fashion design, Tina has never stopped creating. She hopes her business model will inspire her son and other children to create and reach for their aspirations no matter who they are or where they come from.


With the holidays right around the corner, a statement piece from Tuchinda New York is the perfect gift to add to any little one’s wardrobe. You can shop the beautiful collections by visiting www.shoptuchinda.com

| by Claire Aiello

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