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J052-sideStockholm based children’s brand Shampoodle was created in 2006 by Helene Stevenberg and Jakob Wästberg. With a vision to create something that would impact lives, Helene and Jakob started designing clothing for the pleasures of an urban lifestyle. Their garments boast modern design elements and a Swedish sensibility perfect for any age!

Shampoodle’s motto is Childishly Comfortable Clothes; they strive to give kids opportunities to taste funky and funny looks with sustainable and environment-friendly quality! Offering stylish options for boys, girls, babies and adults, Shampoodle is now represented around the world and sold in select stores from Austria to the USA and can even be purchased here in Canada!

We asked Helene our questions about Shampoodle and she was happy to chat about the brand, design and exciting Wonderful Electric FW/14 collection!


1. Where did the name Shampoodle originate?
The name Shampoodle was born as a joke many years before the brand Shampoodle was even thought of, as an extravagant idea to start a poodle-grooming parlor in Las Vegas. Appropriately dusted off, as the wordplay and the features of a poodle, style, functionality and comfort, was the perfect meeting between nature and culture for this project!

2. Why did you choose to design for children?
We started up Shampoodle as one of many side projects to our ordinary work in advertising when we had our first child. The kids wear scene was not that impressive back then, not like today with a lot of fantastic brands.
We wanted to do something more contemporary that was not so focused on gender and looked really cool even if it was every day basics.

C059-H135-33. What is your brand’s mission statement or goal?
To make childishly comfortable clothes with a bark!

4. What are the motivations or inspirations behind the design? Is there a style decade that you are inspired by?
We want to be a part of the future rather than the past. History, tradition & culture occur as prints, patches or cuts in an updated shape. Each collection is like a patchwork of ideas molded together in a bigger picture or theme. The “Wonderful Eclectic” collection is loosely inspired by the setting of sci-fi author William Gibson’s ”Virtual Light”. Think dystopian, cyberpunk future – but happy!


V024-H134 kopia5. What do you have coming up with Shampoodle that you are really excited about?
We are all really excited about our next photo shoot coming up! We can only reveal that the outcome will be very furry. Keep you posted!

6. What is your favourite piece from the current collection?
The Eclectic Set (full on with the tee, pants & ski mask) in any colour. Imagine an armada of this 2.0 version of camo wear walking the streets of any city!  How cool wouldn’t that be?!


Learn more about Shampoodle and shop their collection by visiting their website
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