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View More: December of 2012, super-mom and entrepreneur Samantha Jones opened her online accessory boutique for children shortly after her daughter Alannah celebrated her first birthday. Inspired by the vibrant personality of her little girl, Samantha now offers a line of adorable accessories for toddlers to big kids!

Samantha was happy to answer all our questions about the LoveMyAlannah boutique in today’s Q&A!

1. Where did the name LoveMyAlannah Originate?
LoveMyAlannah is named  after my now 3 year old daughter Alannah Samantha. When she arrived I made one of my biggest life changing decisions. I resigned from my state job to become a Stay-At-Home Mom. By the time Alannah turned 8 months old, I started to look into returning to work full time but, I wanted to make a drastic career change.

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2. Why did you choose to design for children?
I decided to seek advice from my Mother.  I told her I was thinking about opening a children’s boutique because my passion for pint sized fashion had grown immensely  since Alannah’s birth. I  had no idea where to start or what I wanted to name my boutique.  My mother told me to think of something I love and, I replied, well I love my Alannah. She replied, “well, now you have a name, time to get a location and merchandise.” From that point, I remember thinking,  I truly hope someday everybody learns why I LoveMyAlannah and how my miniature fashionista inspired my determination to leave behind her future legacy.

I’ve always loved fashion and have been able to watch it evolve over 3 decades. The birth of my daughter really opened my eyes to all of the exciting new trends available for children. Every time I found myself searching endlessly for a specific item, it made me realize, there where probably so many other mothers searching for comparable selections. I also wanted to cater to Mommy’s searching for coordinating Mommy and Me accessories.

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3. What is your brand’s mission statement or purpose?
Our company goal is to offer fashion forward accessories that are perfect for any occasion.  Accessories  are meant to help enhance your overall appearance and can take a simple look to over the top sophistication. We love to feature items similar to the current trends, while remaining suitable for children of all ages. We believe every individual has an icon in their life looking to accessorize their whimsical style.

4. What are the inspirations or motivations behind your design?  Is there a style decade that you are inspired by?
I’m fortunate enough to have my own personal live-in muse.

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Several of the items we offer are selected with the help of Alannah; she is a huge inspiration especially because she is a major accessory fan. I’ve often said all of our merchandise is Alannah tested and approved. When new inventory arrives, Alannah is always happy to provide her extremely valuable seal of approval.

As for the motivation behind our newest design, the collection holds a strong resemblance to the mid 1980’s fashion era with an updated twist.  I grew up watching TV shows like Dynasty and Dallas. I always felt the strong dramatic characters had the clothing and accessories to match.  It was such an amazing era filled with over-sized statement pieces that showcased glamour and glitz. We also have a few items reminiscent of the adornments worn by Pop Icons during that era, like Madonna and Cyndi Lauper.

5. What do you have coming up in the future involving LoveMyAlannah that you are excited about?
There are several upcoming plans for LoveMyAlannah. Moving into our second year of operation we have decided to expand our available selections. For example,  this year we will offer a variety of graphic tees, as well as some exclusive outerwear. By the end of Autumn 2014  our merchandise will be available for purchase in select retail locations throughout the US.  There are also a few surprise brand collaborations in the works for early 2015.

6. Which is your favourite piece from your collection right now?
My favorite piece is from our Autumn/ Winter 2014 collection. The Beary Adorable Derby Cap. Between the soft wool texture and  sculptured ears, it’s the perfect way top off any look. It has universal appeal, adorable style, and  is perfect for all ages.

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You can discover amazing accessories for your littles at the LoveMyAlannah shop online.



 Images by Creative Soul Photography.


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