Mini-Model Q&A, Elladia Jones. The Face of L’Officiel Enfant

At only 7 years old this mini-model has accomplished more in her young career than most could aspire too! From from runway shows to print ads, commercials to editorials, Elladia Jones has done it all. She has worked with brands like J.Crew, Tide and Oshkosh and now Elladia takes on a fun and exciting new role as the face of L’Officiel Enfant.

We couldn’t be more excited to have had the chance to get to know Elladia a little better in our Q&A with this rising star! Scroll down to read the whole interview. 

PCS. Hi Elladia, we are so happy to have this opportunity to get to know you a little better!
EJ. Thank you so much for having me.


You’ve been modelling for quite a while now. How old were you when you started and what do you love about modelling?
Yes. It’s been sometime now. I was three years old. I’ve been so blessed to have met such amazing people! That’s my favourite part! The experiences I’ve had. It’s been awesome!


What has been your favourite designer, photographer or label to work with?
Wow! I’m loving so many right now. Dolly is so girly like me. I feel so pretty wearing her clothes.  Aristocrat Kids and Hucklebones are my favourites! The fabrics feel so soft and gentle. They’re both very different but I just love them so much for different reasons 🙂  One is elegant and princess like and the other super preppy which I like too! Oh… And I love Little Miss Galia too!! The colours are so pretty; it’s spunky and cool.  My favourite label is definitely J.Crew!!

I’ve been so lucky to experience shooting a commercial for them with my brother Hunter! We both now model for them too! Stefano Azario is high energy fun! My favourite is Chris O’Shea. She’s so talented and sweet! Always makes me feel so special. I met her years ago during my Tide commercial shoot. She did the print component. Always love seeing her at shoots.


You recently became the Face of L’Officiel Enfant. Congrats! What do you love about being a brand ambassador? 
Yes! Thank you. It’s been so exciting to represent such an awesome company. I feel so special and honoured to have been selected!!

What is your favourite brand right now? Aristocrat kids

above images  by Olesja Mueller and Gallery Row Studio.

What are you up to when you aren’t modelling?
We are always busy. So I like to unwind swimming in our pool when ever possible. My favourite pass time is reading. On set you can find me snuggled in a corner reading a book! I’m loving my reading enrichment classes this summer.  I take gymnastics and dance. I’m a flag cheerleader and love art. I’ve had so much fun at art camp this summer!


What do you think you’d like to do or be when you grow up?
I always tell everyone I’m just Acting /modelling for right now haha!! I’m going to be a paediatrician and go to medical school at Johns Hopkins University.  I’ve been saying this since I was two years old lol!


You are one of our favourite mini-models! What are your favourites?
Awe! Thank you!! 

Colour: Pink

City: Paris… I’m leaving Sunday! So happy. 

Food: A nice steak or tacos. 

Flavour of Ice cream: Vanilla cookie dough 

Sport: Gymnastics 

School Subject: Reading/Math


Elldia photographed on the Highline by Gina Kim

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