Designer Q&A, The Tiny Universe

Good friends and colleagues Maria and Johan came up for the idea for their unique children’s wear collection when trying to find a suitable gift for a baptism. While shopping they found a lack of fun items that really stuck out!

Tiny Universe team is now dedicated to adding fashion to the first year of life. Their contemporary Nordic pieces are designed for comfort without sacrificing on quality or style. They are also exceptionally gentle on the environment and on baby.


Based in Stockholm, this Swedish collection of soft garments, unique books and accessories make a perfect gift for any occasion and promise to make the first year with baby a bit “smoother”, both for parents and little ones.  The designer duo answered our questions about their super fun, cute collection!

Where did your brand’s name Originate? 
Since our favourite thing is coming up with new and unique ideas we wanted a name that could hold wide variety of products. And of course in our own Tiny Universe anything is possible.5c782fc339e10ae4c2fbb87d627ecb19_7f287b27fe075d4b806bf70cdcccf290

Why did you choose to design for children?
For us the choice was easy, children are playful and more open to the world and new ideas. And by designing for children we at the same time get the possibility to design for parents, this led to us creating a number of humorous books that serve as perfect gifts for both the kids and their parents.

What is your brand’s mission statement or purpose?
Quite simply – to add style to the first years on earth. With our products every little one can arrive to the party in style.



What are the inspirations or motivations behind your design?  Is there a style decade that you are inspired by?
We want to create clothing for children that is just as stylish as for adults (if not more) but that at the same time are extremely comfortable and allows you to take a nap if need be.  Our ideas are based on our own personal taste and are firmly rooted in our Swedish origin.


What do you have coming up in the future involving your brand that you are excited about?
Our upcoming line of UV protected swimwear that will allow every little one to go for a stylish, safe and comfortable swim.

Which is your favourite piece from your collection right now?
We couldn’t be more proud of the Switch Concept which allows our customers the chance to create their own designs by switching accessories on our garments.

The next step in the Switch Concept will be presented during the SS15 Fairs this summer, so keep your eyes peeled.


logo (2)Discover The Tiny Universe and shop their collection online by visiting and in retail shops in over 25 countries worldwide!


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