Designer Q&A, Emma Levine

Peter Warrick_-6 copyFor girls aged zero-eleven, Emma Levine offers up an exciting mix of fun and feminine pieces with whimsical styling, all with a vintage twist!

The uniquely designed children’s collection, offers beautiful wearable and fashion-forward pieces but lacks the heavy price tag usually associated with designer brands.While aiming to deliver the fairest prices, Emma Levine doesn’t compromise on quality or detail! The line features completely original prints, luxury fabrics and intricate detailing.

Emma answered all our questions about her stylish collection!

1. Where did your brand’s name Originate?
The brands name is actually my name! I design the range and oversee all creative aspects of the brand. 

2. Why did you choose to design for children?
I have always had a design style that lends itself well to childrens wear. I enjoy the fun and naivety that can be expressed in children’s clothing.

Peter Warrick_ copy3. What is your brand’s mission statement or purpose?
Although it can be challenging for the factories to apply special, hand crafted techniques to the clothes it is something we feel as a brand is important and is what sets us apart from our competitors. Our aim is to design, make and sell beautiful, high quality, unique children’s clothing at an affordable price point.

4. What are the inspirations or motivations behind your design?  Is there a style decade that you are inspired by?
Vintage styling and detailing are a constant source of inspiration to me. I love the attention to detail often found in vintage childrens clothes. I recently bought a gorgeous 1920’s child’s dress.
The finish is beautifully executed as it had originally been hand made. Ethnic textiles and traditional crafts are also something that fascinate me. I am interested in maintaining a sense of individuality to all of our garments, with special care and attention paid to each one, whilst balancing this with the difficulties and practicalities of manufacture.
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5. What do you have coming up in the future involving your brand that you are excited about?
We are really excited about an exclusive collection we are developing for Selfridges. The capsule collection of Sequin t-shirts and Sweatshirts is due in store mid August.

6. Which is your favourite piece from your collection right now? My favourite piece from our current collection is the Sequin Ostrich T-shirt. Its really fun, quirky, commercial and also tasteful. It is easy to wear, washes well, and looks great with skinny jeans or a fab frivolous tu-tu!

The team behind the creative collection has based their manufacturing in India and use organic fabrics and natural dye methods whenever possible. They work closely with factories to reduce waste and ensure fair trading and ethical practices.




Learn more about Emma Levine and shop their collection for girls boys and baby online at

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