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KinderStuff 060912 _1277Modern and ecologically aware, baby-wear brand Kinderstuff is changing the cycle of kids fashion. They create adorable designs with only the best quality organic fabrics and give clothing a second-life through charitable donations and earn yourself a sweet discount of your next purchase! Co-founder, German-American, Rob answers all our questions about the brand!

Where did the name KinderStuff originate?
When we sat down and thought about what our clothes stood for we realized that it’s casual wear for kids (“kinder” in German, like in “kindergarten”) that is “kinder” than most other kids clothing out there: We meet the highest social and ecological standards, using only the best materials- which is something that sadly isn’t common practice in the fashion industry nowadays. So the name has a double meaning from both the German and English words. I’m originally from Germany.

Why did you choose to design for children?
KinderStuff was created from humble beginnings. In a lot of ways, the idea for KinderStuff was born with my co-founder Alex’s baby boy. Among the numerous new challenges a first-time dad faces, Alex found that clothing his little guy had two particularly difficult unforeseen obstacles. First, his baby seemed to be outgrowing clothes faster than he could buy them.

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Second, he couldn’t find high-quality organic clothing that also looked great. Committed to ecological sustainability and social responsibility, yet unwilling to skimp on quality for his child, Alex struggled in a marketplace full of cheap generic brands made of questionable materials under even more questionable conditions. Looking for answers, Alex approached Sebastian and I with his dilemmas. Fast-forward a few months and the three of us ended up quitting our safe corporate jobs to commit all of our time on solving a problem Alex and millions of parents around the world face.

The result: our concept for KinderStuff; amazing, high-quality kids clothing that parents can send back to us once their kids outgrow them. All clothes we receive are then donated to charity, because we believe outgrown baby clothes have a higher purpose than just ending up in a box in the attic.

What is your brand’s mission statement or purpose?
We believe every baby deserves the best we can create for them. That’s why our clothing isn’t only hip and 100% organic, but also made from the highest quality materials in the best factories we could find. To better the lives of children everywhere and reduce waste, we also take any outgrown products to kids who need them most. We are so much more than just organic and hope to inspire others to rethink how things are done.

KinderStuff 060912 _0466What are the inspirations or motivations behind your design? Is there a style decade that you are inspired by?
Being from Los Angeles, we are inspired by the casual Southern Californian style that you see people wear around here. We think that organic fashion should be cool instead of dull. When we started KinderStuff our goal was to merge pop culture with eco-fashion in a hip and playful manner- I think that our collection shows that.

 What do you have coming up in the future involving KinderStuff that you are excited about?
We’re super-excited to have recently won the Natural Child World award in the Fashion for Kids category as well as having more and more people talk about us. Every day, we work very hard to pursue our vision of a hip organic kids fashion brand and are really thankful for the support we’re getting. Something that we’re very excited about is talking to boutiques and getting our products into select stores soon, as well as adding new products to our collection- in fact, we’ll soon expand the age bracket from 0-2 years up to 7 years.

Which is your favourite piece from your collection right now?
I absolutely love the Benny the Bunny shirts! The design is fun, the colour is vibrant, the cut is casual- there’s nothing not to like about this shirt! Also, like every KinderStuff product, the shirt is 100% organic, unquestionably safe, and super-soft! KinderStuff 060912 _0293To be honest, if that product was available in my size, I’d probably wear it myself 😉


For eco-friendly parents and their trendsetting tots, Kinderstuff is your go-to choice. Discover more about Kinderstuff and shop the brand on their website


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