Il Gufo, Fall/Winter 2013

[tps_header] Il Gufo, a leading Italian children’s clothing brand specializes in the designing and distributing of high quality, unique collections for children. Il Gufo’s designs are created with quality in mind and do not cut any corners in the process. Il Gufo’s Fall/Winter line features a variety of warm, soft garments with Children’s comfortability in mind. The beautiful pull-overs, cardigans, and turtlenecks featured in the collection are all created from 100% merino wool. Merino wool is soft to touch and breathable for your little ones. The collection itself is extremely practical, yet elegant in it’s simplicity. Il Gufo’s Fall/Winter collection features classic neutral colours, with the addition of several bold, beautiful jewel toned pieces, such as colourful jackets, pants, vests and dresses. Il Gufo’s luxury pieces will bring an effortless air of sophistication into the wardrobes of your children, all the while keeping them warm and cozy.

| Danielle Mossman[/tps_header]


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