Photographer Q&A with Kymberly Marciano

5DM33563We were thrilled when Kymberly Marciano, children’s fashion photographer extraordinaire, agreed to answer all our questions about her photography, creative approaches and even share some of her personal aspirations for the coming months! We are so pleased to share this Q&A and hope you enjoy reading about and viewing Kymberly’s stunning photography.

1. What interested you about photography and how did you get your start?   
From the age 17 I was living between my favorite fashion capitals Paris and Milan,  where I was naturally influenced by the fashion world. During those formative years my personal inspirations developed while on location, and from working closely with photographers and their creative teams. I was fascinated by all aspects of art, film, culture, & photography.  When you combine travel, work, and valuable relationships it can be incredibly inspiring, and I carry that with me today. With the support of my family and friends, I returned to Milan in 1999, as a model turned photographer with my main focus on Bambini’s. I met with an Italian based artist representative, who immediately arranged my first meeting with editor-in-chief Giuliana Parabiago of Vogue Bambini. She soon gave me my first published editorial. For me, This was a dream come true. It led to my first ever advertising campaign, shooting Guess kids world wide for five consecutive seasons. I was also mentored by my first husband, who was the art director of the Guess jeans brand. I’m forever grateful to him. He taught me so much.

2. What appealed to you about the genre of children’s fashion and who’s collection are you crushing on at the moment?

Babiekins_Norman_Rockwell_33778I love children, I love all things fashion, especially when the brands display a sense of style, sophistication, yet remain youthful and playful… Crushing on Pale Cloud, Fluer & Dots Vintage, Hucklebones, Tom & Drew, Little Marc Jacobs & es + es!

3. What is your creative approach to shooting?
After initial creative meetings with my team (stylist, H &M) and clients, I develop a strong narrative that determines all of the elements that come together with a shot list for a day (or more) of shooting where my focus is razor sharp.

4. Are there any on-set Kymberly Marciano production rituals you abide by?
Yes, absolutely.  An organized and well thought-out production, driven by equally enthusiastic individuals. For me, it’s all about the team executing the best results and my only rule is to HAVE FUN.

5. What tips do you have when it comes to creative directions.
A very dear editor friend of mine taught me to always test the narrative and make sure it works, don’t get stuck in old habits and push the limits. Personally, those are ideals  that I live by. I know that it’s critical to understand your client, what you’re selling, and connect with your models.  

6. You mentioned that you produced your own shoots and have begun to explore producing for other photographers, and not necessarily photographing yourself. What is that inspiration like for you?
I love to direct. I appreciate and am inspired by all sorts of photography and branding. With my years of experience and attention to detail, this is an area I’ve delved into. Who knows, one day soon I’ll be able to lend my talents as creative director or art director for other fashions houses, brands, & photographers. I’d like to experience that side of the industry, as photographers are under a lot of pressure—they have so many things to cover, variables to deal with and they can always use help and guidance. I equally enjoy that part of the process. No ego here…  


7.You have been snapping away with that camera lately from what I’ve been reading. Tell us about one of your favorite new editorials….
It’s hard to choose one…Emerald Life was such a fun day, the kids were frolicking, laughing, chasing one another at two locations,  meanwhile wearing the most adorable designs, but I’ll also have to add, Groovy Cardigans—there’s  something about studio shoots, kinda crushing on studio right now as it can be a great vehicle for purity and beauty, and sometimes carries a lot of vitality depending on the fashion….and the kiddos…..    




Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 2.02.44 PM

8. Aside from the beautiful editorials we see and love, which have included great designers and adorable fashion brands, what else do you have in the works?
Just you wait—a teen story of three girls, in studio, drenched with current and vintage fashion….it’s SO beautiful…I’m super excited, it will be out mid to end of August…..  

9. What are your aspirations for the next 6 months?
Where do I begin?  I just returned from Italy and France where summer is in full swing, yet fall fashions & trends are breaking out with a big bang, there is a certain buzz in the air that has gotten me SO inspired that my interests and inspirations are off the charts! Right now, I’m headed to The Helmut Newton Exhibit at the Annenburg, have been featuring wanderlust travel destinations on my blog, which also  features my weekly crushes whether is culture, fashion or my new work. Taka Naka teen brand, Punk: Chaos to Couture Exhibit at the Met, Ink Fashion Editorials by Julia Slavinski and  from the UK Romy + the Bunnies blog…all are amazing. If you didn’t know, I’m obsessed with window displays, have always found this to be a incredible gift given for the visual senses, with palettes, designs, ambience and execution. Paris had the absolute best displays for couture kids brands such as Lanvin Kids, Bonpoint, and my fave, Dior kids.

10. What can we expect to see from Kymberly Marciano Photography  in the future?
There is a book project in the works, and it is my hopes that it will be tied to one of my philanthropic ventures, another pillar of KM. I will begin shooting for this project in the fall. Stay tuned!





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