Funky Legs

Is your kids closet looking a little dull? Why not introduce a little fun and flair into their wardrobes? Funky Legs does just that. Funky Legs, founded by designer Miriam Bernstein, features a wide range of fabulously fun leggings, pants and skirts for kids ages 0-10. The top-quality pieces are created from organic cotton, and are available in a wide variety of styles, colours and eye-catching patterns.

Among the bright patterns featured in their current collection are raindrops, bows, and swallows, just to name a few. The bold prints are surprisingly very versatile wardrobe basics, as the neutral background colours can be easily matched with. My favourite pick would have to be the effortlessly cool mustache tights in pink.

Funky Legs is making a name for themselves in the children’s fashion world with their ultra-hip designs. Their playful pieces give your children the chance to show off their unique personalities. Funky Legs caters to both boys and girls, with a wonderful selection for each. Purchases may be made through the links available on the Funky Legs website:

| Danielle Mossman

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