Sons + Daughters Eyewear

Canadian-born brand Sons + Daughters Eyewear, the ultimate in cool and quality, has launched its new 2013 line just in time for the summer season. Sons + Daughters’s new stylish line gives the customers exactly what they’ve been asking for: glasses that are not only good for the eyes, but also incredibly chic for your little ones. Sons + Daughters’s range of trendy frames perfectly combines style with quality manufacturing and quintessential sun protection, all the while keeping your little ones looking cool.

Sons + Daughters burst onto the scene in 2011 when stylist Shiva Shabani and her creative director, Calvin Yu, were receiving similar complaints from friends who were struggling to find high quality, fashionable eyewear for their children.

This new vibrant line features retro, colourful, geek chic styles. A couple of my favourite picks from this collection include the Clark frames for boys. This superhero inspired look radiates intelligence and style. My favourite pick for the girls are the groovy Pixie frames. They exude pure flower power! Whether you’re worried about protecting your children’s eyes from harmful UV rays or helping them read the blackboard at school, Sons + Daughters cuts no corners in making sure your children’s eyes are protected, and looking awfully adorable in the process.

To learn more about this collection visit the Sons+Daughters Website.

| Danielle Mossman

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