Designer Q&A, Good Boy Friday

California Momtrepreneur, marketing master turned fashion designer, Kellee Bachour answers all your questions about her adorable toddlerwear line for boys ‘Good Boy Friday.’

Where did you come up with the name ‘Good Boy Friday’?
I was reading and there was a story titled Guy Friday, I thought it was clever and it stuck with me. I thought, what about Boy Friday? – a day for boys, a day to celebrate the gift of little boys. I wanted it to be more personal so I added “good” since my Good Boy is: Gideon Bachour. Gideon’s initials are part of the name.

What is your brand’s mission statement or purpose? Why do you design the way you do?
I wanted to create clothes that are tailored but as comfortable as sweatpants and knit tees. I created an exterior adjustment that looks great and functions well reduces bulk around busy toddler waists and is easy for boys to pull up and down during potty training years.

My focus was also on color. Walking into the boys department always seems dark and limiting; I wanted color, lots of color.


Half his closet was dark blue. I believe boys don’t need to be limited in color choices.

Do you have any specific inspirations or motivations in your design? Colors? Other clothing styles? Is there a style decade that you are inspired by?

Every season is inspired by something. It could be a piece of vintage children’s clothes I found or even a children’s book. My eyes and ears are always open; I love feedback from other moms. I’m inspired by the colors of California and the innocence of European children’s clothes.

What do you have coming up in the future involving your brand that you are excited about?
We just signed with a wonderful showroom in Dallas, so we are looking forward to dressing kids in the south and about to send an order to France to introduce good boy friday to Europe as well as growing our market in Australia. The line will grow in total styles offered as well as the size range.

Polka dots and stripes, banana yellow or mint, Good Boy Friday has something for the tastes of every little man. For a limited time Kellee Boucher has kindly offered readers of Poster Child Style 10% off of your purchase! To find out more and shop the brand visit the Good Boy Friday website; don’t forget to use promo code PosterChildStyle at checkout!

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