Celebrating the Holidays with Oeuf

Tis’ the season for holiday dressing and to kick things off we are excited to share the 2018 Holiday Collection by Oeuf, with an eye toward the future!

Exclusively available on Oeuf’s website, the new line combines nods to traditional festive occasions like playful Christmas Tree motifs, with the addition of the beautiful message of creating a world worthy of the next generation – the inspiration for the collection. Thus you’ll see throughout a focus on peace and unity with everyone else sharing this planet.

This inspiring message is seen throughout the collection with bright colors and cheery bird and tree motifs, which bring playfulness to the collection’s timeless messages of respect, calls for peace, and reminders we’re all Earthlings in this together.

Oeuf’s design sensibility has always been about making classic, high-quality clothing for children with a whimsical sense of humor, and combining that aesthetic with their “Be Good” motto. The collection’s combination of pure seasonal joy and positive, inspiring text, fits perfectly with the style of the brand!

Check out some adorable images from the new collection below and shop the collection on oeufnyc.com

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