Barn of Monkeys – Shout Out for Gender Standardization!

Playtime New York – Autumn/Winter 2018

Barn of Monkeys is a social and culturally-aware brand with innovation and organic materials at the forefront. Made from only the best fabrics, this eco-responsible brand strives for unique designs using only smart and sustainable practices. The Autumn/Winter 2018 collection is inspired by out-of-the-box thinkers and leading inventors that believe in a better future. The formula behind this experimental collection includes a touch a texture, a mix of both soft and bold colours, and a pinch of comfortable, loose-fitting designs that, together, lead the future of children’s fashion!

What makes Barn of Monkeys so unique, is its urge to make a statement and provide exclusive apparels with a meaning. Apparels for children and teenagers aged 2-16 that last longer, bring families together and shout out for gender standardization.

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