There’s A New Superhero In Town: PANDA-X by Loowfat KIDS

Loowfat is a streetwear label from Czech and Slovak Republic that established itself in 2011, founded by a mom and dad of two. For their Spring / Summer 2017 collection, Loowfat KIDS has designed a bold assortment of hoodies, motor cross joggers, oversized t-shirts and snapbacks with their recognizable pet panda logo stitched and printed on each piece; but this time, their logo takes on the persona of PANDA-X, an unstoppable superhero who compliments the title of the collection: BRAVE WAVE.

The inspiration behind the collection stems from Loowfat’s understanding of fashion’s power to strengthen individualism, to which the panda is elevated for embracing its unique, gentle strength, confidence, and transforming the ordinary into something extraordinary. The collection acts as a simple reminder for kids to celebrate their individuality and grow with courage, with the help and guidance of their invisible capes. Made from comfortable and high quality fabrics, the streetwear label also carries printed leggings, shorts and crewnecks to fit the active lifestyle of lionhearted children who are ready to right wrongs and save the day.

Visit to discover more of BRAVE WAVE, available in sizes from 1-2 years and 9-10 years.

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