Little Remix, Fall/Winter 2015

A few weeks ago we introduced you to Little Remix – a mini offshoot of Danish women’s fashion label Designer Remix by Charlotte Exkildsen – in our weekly Designer Q&A. Since getting to know the label a little better, and after checking out their summer offerings, we were excited to get a glimpse at their new Fall/Winter collection for 2015.

The line creates cool children’s wear inspired by adult silhouettes and for FW15, it takes inspiration from the iconic image of the contemporary cowgirl. Cool ruffled pieces and high-quality lambs leather mixed with fur muffs, wool jackets and vests – all in a perfect palette of neutral tones – are all perfect items to work into your little lady’s fall wardrobe. Check out a few pictures of the new collection – available now – below and shop their collection by visiting their website or

REMIX_LR_08_10_1421786_RGB REMIX_LR_08_10_1421911_RGB REMIX_LR_08_10_1422009_RGB REMIX_LR_08_10_1422049_RGB REMIX_LR_08_10_1422226_RGB REMIX_LR_08_10_1422305_RGB REMIX_LR_08_10_1422434_RGB REMIX_LR_08_10_1422470_RGB

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